Safeguard your product with ARVO’s VisionAI

Our cutting-edge technology provides a discreet, unreplicable, and tamper-proof digital signature. It seamlessly integrates with the product, offering authentication capabilities.



  • VisionAI technology for advanced authentication measures.
  • Tamper-proof solutions guaranteeing product integrity.
  • Non-replicable technology ensuring counterfeit prevention.
  • Cost-effective implementation for widespread accessibility.
100% Authentic


  • Track and trace the journey from source to shelf via blockchain integration.
  • Automated processes to verify adherence to manufacturing standards at every step.
  • Item-wise/batch-wise progress mapping for enhanced brand transparency.
  • Real-time monitoring of manufacturing traceability activities for improved accountability.


  • Consumers empowered to validate sustainability claims made by brands.
  • Access to all certifications for transparent verification.
  • Results of sample tests for each batch of items available for consumer scrutiny.
  • Encouraging conscious consumerism through informed decision-making.
How it works:

Step 1:

We integrate an inconspicuous digital signature on the product without changing the product design or any of its element. Think of it as an invisible mark.

How it works:

Step 2:

This digital signature can be detected through any smartphone camera using our application or by going to the web app by scanning the QR code on the tag.

How it works:

Step 3:

We also track the journey from Source to shelf. Consumer can get the traceability journey as well as confirm Sustainable claims by the brand with their Smartphone on the go.

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